Welcome to NonStick

Reusable non stick oven heavy duty liner £7.94, sheets, mesh & bags.  No quibble guarantee, P&P per item UK £1; EEC £1.50; Rest of the World £1, less calories & less cleaning.
® offers quality products that enable you to reduce – fat / oil consumption, calorie intake, cleaning effort, you don’t need to put your head in an oven again, the amount you spend on cleaning materials, the environmental pollution caused by caustic cleaners.

Our  Non Stick products enable you to produce a professional finish and cost less than our competitors!

Welcome to NonStick
Oven Liner
Bakeware & Cake Tin Liners
Oven mesh sheet
Work Mats & Bake Mats
Toast Bags
Grill & Health Grilling Bags
Hob Protector reuseable
Frying Pizza Micro/w Liner
Iron Shield
Skottelbraai BBQ Liner
Freezer Liner
Adjustable Egg Ring

Best Sellers
Oven Liner
Oven Liner
Place the non stick Oven Liner on the bottom of your oven to protect it against splashes, messy drips, fat, burnt-on sugar, juices & oven messes.
Bakeware & Cake Tin Liners
Bakeware & Cake Tin Liners
Just turn the cake tin / bakeware over and the cake drops out, its magic! No need for fat, oil, margarine or flouring because they are 100% non stick.
Oven mesh sheet
Oven mesh sheet
The oven mesh / perforations allow the steam from the food to escape on all sides so that the food is cooked in the same way on all sides!
Work Mats & Bake Mats
Work Mats & Bake Mats
It is the ideal work mat / bake mat with a high-quality nonstick coating on one side and a durable silicone (anti slip) coating on the other.
Lastest News
Christmas turkey roasting
13 December 2015
Make your Christmas roast turkey easier this year by lining the roasting tray with one of our baking liners. ...

13 November 2015
Earlier this year we conducted an environmental audit and decided to remove the “black carbon” colouring from...

Postage & Packing
04 April 2013
Other companies make a profit from postage and packing, we keep it easy and cheap.
Only £1, $1.9, €1.5 or the...

Celebrity TV Baking Show
23 January 2013
If you wonder why the presentation of each item baked on this show is so poor its because they use greaseproof...

5 YES FIVE YEAR Money Back Guarantee
02 December 2012
We are so confident in our products that we offer this 5 YEAR no quibble Money Back Guarantee, on all of our liners....

Worldwide Postage
02 December 2012
Yes we ship non stick materials to every country in the World, except Europe, for £1 / US$.7, that is probably...

VAT 20% - No price increase
23 February 2011
Although we have changed the VAT to 20% we have not increased our prices, they are still the same as 2009.

Stock items
04 September 2010
All of our products are in stock and dispatched on the same day as payment is received

Our products help your diet and cholesterol
29 August 2010
You will know that all slimming & diet clubs such as Weight Watchers, Slimmers World, Reveal Diet Club,...

Breadmaker - Bread Tin
28 February 2010
Is your Breadmaker "Bread Tin" scratched or marked then replace it with one of these and it will be better than...

ONLY CLOSED for Christmas Day & New Years Day
23 December 2009
We are here serving our customers because we know that the trade and general public are cooking every day and...

Adjustable Egg Ring
30 October 2009
It’s a trade secret. How do professional chefs always turn out perfectly shaped eggs, its magic? They are using...

Expensive Granite & rock worksurfaces stained?
20 September 2009
Do you gave a granite work surface? Are you aware that some granite and rock based worksurfaces become stained...

Heavy Duty Oven Liner - Extra Large
06 August 2009
Our customers have asked for a Heavy Duty Oven Liner which is extra large so it will fit their larger ovens. ...

BBQ Bags & Liners
07 July 2009
Keep you food clean of BBQ rust, burnt food debris and keep it moist by using Grilling Bags or one of our BBQ...

Aircraft engine manufacturers use our liners
22 June 2009
Our food grade liners are also used in the aircraft engine manufacturing process because they are rugged, high...

Fast food oulets buying our liners
22 June 2009
Fast food outlets all over the World are now buying our liners and replacing parchment paper. Our non stick liners...

Special Size or colour?
22 June 2009
If you need a special size or colour Non Stick Liner then just ask us!
The minimum order quantity is 1 only,...

Algon, Cadac, Skottelbraai ® BBQ a nonstick liner
12 June 2009
If you are feed up with putting good food on a dirty, burnt and rusty BBQ then our BBQ liner will solve the problem....

Reusable baking parchment - Bakeware liner - we sell various sizes
09 June 2009
All the professional chefs including the TV personality chefs and cooks like Nigella Lawson are recommending reusable...

YouTube video showing Toaster Bags and Bakeware Liners in use
05 June 2009
YouTube.com® to see a video of Toaster Bags...

Grilling & Health Grill Teflon Bags
07 December 2008
We are £5 cheaper than Lakeland, inc P&P, and we include a range of 3 Teflon bags for that price, they only offer...

Toast Bags - great toasties
30 June 2008
A great new reusable product that retains flavour and vitamins when you are cooking in the Toaster or Grill.

Oven mesh tray - non stick
04 June 2008
Don't let your oven chips, pastry, etc get soggy! This is a heavy duty non stick oven mesh tray which is made...

All our products made in EEC not China
02 May 2008
During the past two years more of our competitors are sourcing inferior PTF / non stick materials from China....

Nigella Express - TV - Honeycomb
03 October 2007
Nigella uses non stick reusable sheet to make Hokey Pokey - Honeycomb. Just pour the hot honeycomb mixture on...

Non stick bakeware liner featured on TV show, Ready Steady Cook last week
30 January 2007
Just to prove that the professionals do use these bakeware liners to give a quality / professional finish a liner...

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