Cath reviewed Oven liner heavy duty
I'm from the States and never buy anything except from the States but one of my friends told me this company believed in customer service and their prices were unbelievable. So I purchased a heavy duty oven liner and it arrived quickly and it works perfectly. I also liked how you could see the $ price on the website because I don't know the value of other countries cash.
I will spread the word about your oven liners.
Keith reviewed Oven liner
I am a modeller and have been looking for this sheet for months. I can make models on it and know that nothing will stick to the table
Marie reviewed Oven liner heavy duty
I have lined my student lets with these, it will help to make the ovens last longer
Tom reviewed Toaster bage
I saw the video on Utube and use these toaster bags for frying my food without any fat and I don't have to wash the frying pan - hey but don't tell my mum
Dom reviewed Cadac Skottlebraai liner
We heard these Skottle liners were great, but they are even better. Now that I have the Skottle liner my wife wants the heavy duty oven liner because she doesn't want to clean the bottom of the oven again.
Mary reviewed Oven mesh sheet
My kids love oven chips and I love puff pastry. Now that I have found your oven mesh sheet we both get great tasting food with professional looks because we don't have to handle the items.
Thank you.
Lynn from Australia reviewed All your products
I ordered and paid for a range of your items and 4 days later they were delivered to me in Australia! That's faster than Australian suppliers and you are based in the UK.
Pomms try harder!
Francis reviewed Oven mesh sheet
I received this great product, which you can't buy in Australia, only four days after buying it from this British company. Now that is what I call customer service.
Nicole reviewed Oven liner heavy duty
Great products, great website, great customer service, great prices in $, £ and Ä what more do you want from a website?
Pete reviewed Iron Shield
My Army Drill Sarg. told me about this product, the Iron Shield does what it says on the can, sharp crease but no scorching. Now my mates borrow my iron and "owe me" because I have told them that you can only buy it in the USA.
Nancy reviewed Oven mesh sheet
This Christmas I won't have puff pastry "soggy bottoms" because I have tested the oven mesh sheet and it works. The price, speed of delivery and customer service beats everyone else.
Derek reviewed Toaster bage
Better that the prices advertised by JML on the TV and the service is cool.
Pierre reviewed Hob protector
This Christmas my hob and oven will be the cleanest ever.
Andrie reviewed Oven liner heavy duty
I am concerned about products made in China not being suitable for food because of all of these product adulteration stories we hear about. Nonstick assured me that everything was made in the UK / EEC and conformed to our food standards testing so I purchased my oven liner sheet from them and am happy.
Paul reviewed Grill Bag
They do what it says on the can.
You can see the contents when you are cooking, not like some other bags!
I used the Grill Bags in a frying pan, I have never thought of doing this before but Nonstick said I could and blow me it worked perfectly.
I be back for more items and recommend them to anyone.
Thanks Paul
Peter reviewed Oven mesh sheet
I wish I had known about this before! Its great!
My pastry isn't soggy and my son cooks oven chips perfectly both sides because he never remembers to turn them over and you don't need to with this oven mesh.
Gordon reviewed Oven mesh sheet
I love baked fish but can't present it like the professionals until I purchased an oven mesh sheet. Now I don't have to turn the fish over to cook both sides this product is so simple why didn't I hear about it years ago. The oven mesh sheet is perfect.
Jo reviewed Oven liner heavy duty
I use the heavy duty oven liner on my craft bench, glue and paint do not stick to it, why don't people know about it in the model world it saves lots of pain.
Wendy reviewed Work and Bake Mat
I tried a work and bake mat at home for sugarcraft and then realised this would be great at work so now we buy thousands of sheets, my boss thought it a great idea because it saved the company lots of cash.
Del reviewed Oven liner
I print T shirts and the spare parts for the press are unbelievably expensive so I saw these teflon oven liners and they were cheaper than my press spare parts supplier. They arrived the next day and when I opened the pack the oven liner was thicker than my press liner so it will last longer. They even supplied the special size that I wanted. Customer service - Premier
Hilda reviewed Iron Shield
The iron shield works, I can now use full temperature and press my uniform without it scorching or looking shiny, thanks
Pete reviewed Iron Shield
Why can't you buy an iron shield in the shops? If a friend hadn't told me about iron shields I wouldn't have known about them. Nonstick believe in customer service, I couldn't fault them. Oh and by the way the iron shield realy works.
Jean reviewed Oven liner heavy duty
My new oven just arrived and I decided that I wouldn't use it unless I had a heavy duty oven liner because it is a fan oven. I told Nonstick and they immediately dispatched the oven liner and now I can cook.
Hamish reviewed Non stick sheet
My industrial production problem was unique so I looked on the web and found Nonstick and thought that they wouldn't understand my problem but I was wrong. They listened to my problem, asked me lots of questions and sent me 3 samples to test. All the sheets worked very well and I placed an order for my own size / thickness which arrived very quickly. I didn't know that the English believed in customer service but Nonstick does, thanks
Val reviewed Oven liner heavy duty
I don't like ordering on the web or voicemail so I phoned nonstick and a girl answered immediately, she answered all my questions perfectly so I placed my order which arrived very quickly, no wasted packaging and very cheap P&P £1. The oven liner works just as it should.
Alison reviewed Oven liner heavy duty
Both my husband and I purchased a heavy duty oven liner on the same day from nonstick for my new oven but we didn't tell each other. So a couple of days later two oven liners arrived in the post. I phone nonstick and they said no problem send one back and we will give you a full refund.
Then next week I told my Mum and she said why didn't you give it to me? So I ordered another one for her.
Pat reviewed Oven liner heavy duty
All new ovens should come with a nonstick oven liner. They have self cleaning walls so why not an oven liner? Great quality and price.
Jill reviewed Oven liner heavy duty for fan ovens
My daughter gave me this to replace the expensive thin one that I had used for years. Now the new one stays put and is far better than my old thin oven liner.
Steve reviewed Skottelbraai
The Skottelbraai liner has turned out to be an excellent buy. The Cadac Skottel is vitreous enamel so everything seemed to stick and burn to it. With the liner itís no problem to cook all types of food from stir fry to fried eggs and everything in between. When weíve finished cooking itís really easy to wash up the liner without having to wash the very bulky Skottel itself. I just give that a quick wipe over.
Steve reviewed oven liner
The oven liner I purchased was accurately described online, it was a good price, it came in a timely fashion. I would definitely shop at again.
Joanne reviewed Health grill bags
A friend at WeightWatchers told me about the health grill bags. Now I use less fat and it must help me loose weight! Another benefit is that my George Foreman gill is easier to clean as it doesnít get dirty anymore.
Sussie reviewed Non stick oven liner
I canít buy these in my local town so my son said look on line, now I have exactly what I want and I was surprised at how cheap they were.
Jackie reviewed Nonstick oven liner
Best thing since "sliced bread"!
Janet reviewed Teflon oven liner
A quality brand that does what it says on the can!
Fiona reviewed oven liner
What а great tool this is. Replaces having to use aluminium foil to linе the bottom of toaster ovens. Cleans up beautifully. Well wоrth the investment.
Wendy reviewed Oven liner
Your right, I donít need to put my head into the oven anymore.
John reviewed Work mat
I use it in my tool shed because even glue doesnít stick to it.
Penny reviewed Iron shield
No more having to clean the iron, no more scorching.
Judith reviewed Cake tin liner
Iíve seen these sheets used by the chefs on TV but they never tell you what they are, or where to buy them! My meringues stick to parchment paper and extra greased grease proof paper, but they donít stick to the cake tin liner. By the way they are great for cakes, nothing gets stuck to the liner.
Sandra reviewed oven liner
I ordered the oven liner one day and it was delivered the next, and it worked just like my best friend said it would.
Pam reviewed Oven liner
I just bought a fan oven and my trick of laying a sheet on the bottom doesnít work anymore. So I looked on line and found this great solution that really works and it can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Why didnít I know about this product years ago? Iím telling all my friends.
Rachael reviewed Nonstick oven liner
I have purchased oven liners before. This one is thicker and seems to wipe off a lot easier.
Liz reviewed Oven Liner heavy duty
Now that I have this fan oven liner I don't have a problem with the bottom of my oven - no more back breaking work scrubbing and scrapping my oven floor.
Roger reviewed Skottlel BBQ liner
I just returned from South Africa where they all use Skottle BBQ and my friens had one of these liners. Their food tasted better and my wife thought it was cleaner because of the liner. So when we came home I went on line and the service was great and the liner works at home as well.
Fanny reviewed Oven mesh tray
I cook for home buffets, I purchased one oven mesh sheet a week ago - just to try it out. Today I am ordering 10 because it says what it does!
John reviewed Oven Liner
Just the right tool & price. Fast efficient shipping
Nancy reviewed Oven liner
easy web site to use, product was exactly as described
Mary reviewed oven liner
I have high praise for the product and the delivery. I will shop again and will recommend my friends and relatives to
Sandra reviewed Oven liner
This is the fourth time I have sent this product to friends and everyone gets it quickly. They keep me notified as to when it was sent etc, so overall it's a great experience. My friends think the oven liner is fantastic
Nicky reviewed Work & Bake Mat
I've just taken up sugar craft and was getting frustrated with the board I was recommended. So I surfed the net not knowing what I was looking for a found the Work & Bake Mat.
Now I enjoy sugarcraft and don't get frustrated trying to remove the items - it works!!!!!!
Steve reviewed Frying pan liner
Hey I have just fried an egg for the first time in my life without using fat. The frying pan liner really works like it says it does - is this magic why hasn't my Mum got one?
Sue reviewed Freezer liner
When I went to I didn't know that I needed a freezer liner. But when I read the blurb I thought yes that's a great idea so I will give it a go. Well it works and I am so sad that I am going to tell my friends about your site.
Jennifer reviewed hob protector
I hate cleaning burnt vegetable water off my hob, so does my Mum who has rubbed the enamel off hers! So I purchased the hob protector from you and now my dishwasher washes your hob protectors and I have one less job.
The inventor of the hob protector should win the Nobel peace prize.
Jock reviewed deep fat frying bags
My wife has banned my deep fat fryer from the kitchen because she says I am getting fat. So I purchased a set of your bags and now she and I use the bags in the chip fryer without getting fat - magic!
Dot reviewed Oven Liner
I just purchased a new fan oven and decided not to use it until I found one of these heavy duty non-stick oven liners. Never again will I have to clean the bottom of the oven because of fruit pie juice, or anything else that drips, burns and smells.
All new ovens should have one supplied when you buy it!
Gaye reviewed oven liner - heavy duty
Great item looked all over these oven liners thanks+

Tracey reviewed oven liner - heavy duty
Last week I cooked a blackcurrant pie and lots of the sugary juice dripped onto the floor of the oven. But no problem the burn't on juice just wiped off without any effort.
The £9 it cost me was the best value that I have ever spent, its £5 cheaper than the High Street and its teflon branded rather than brand x.
Melanie reviewed Oven liner heavy duty
Magic, for years I have scrubbed and used foul smelling chemicals to clean my oven now with this oven liner I just give it a wipe
Rose reviewed Blissful baking
I bake lots of apple pies, and the sugary juice bubbling over has always been a problem. Putting a metal sheet on a lower oven shelf changes the consistency of the crust, and foil directly under the pie pan makes a mess. With this bakeware liner, I let the sugary juice fall where it may -- when I take the pie out of the oven, a swipe with soapy water gets the oven liner spotless, and I'm ready to bake again. I love it!
Pat reviewed Oven mesh sheet
We use these at work all day so I purchased one for home and they are great for oven chips and fish - no need to turn the food
Asil reviewed Oven Liner - heavy duty
I have used it for a week and it works, so I told my Mum who had never heard about them
Hans reviewed Oven Liner - heavy duty
I have just moved here from Germany where everyone has these. So I was surprised when shopkeepers told me that they didn't have them. Thank you for the rapid delivery, perhaps you should have a German based website?
Suzi reviewed Heavy duty oven liner
My husband used MY oven to dry some plastic part that he was repairing but forgot all about it - MEN!!! So when I opened the oven, because of the smell, I found the plastic part melted all over the oven liner. I was not happy.
So I slide the oven liner out, poured cold water over the plastic and hey presto the plastic mess just feel off the liner - RESULT!
Thank you
Jeff reviewed Oven Liner - heavy duty
I stapled my wifes heavy duty oven liner to our old snow tray and it went like the clappers in the snow last month. Perhaps our Olympic Team need to use the stuff. I am now ordering a new heavy duty oven liner from you because my wife can't understand where its gone?
Kay reviewed Bake Liner
Now I can present a cake better than on the Bake Off because I have the professional solution.
Shama reviewed Hob Protectors
I cook alot of rice and before I had the hob protectors I used to spend as long cleaning the burnt rice water from the hob as I did cooking the rice. Now that problem has gone away, the hob protectors actually work.
Thank you
Colin reviewed Oven liner
Nonstick were the only company that I could find who would supply the size sheet that I wanted rather than what they wanted to sell! I only wanted one sheet and they said no problem it will be in the post tonight and it was - thank you.
Gordon reviewed Oven Liner - heavy duty
It does what it says on the can
Mish reviewed Oven liner 60x40
My friend told me these were good but now cleaning an oven is not an issue - thanks
Gert reviewed Oven Liner - heavy duty
I have looked for this size for years and you supplied it so quickly - wicked
Craig reviewed Iron Shield
My mum uses them so when I joined the army I bought one to keep my uniforms just so.
Steph reviewed Oven liner heavy duty
First Christmas cooking for a family with a new oven, so I purchased one of your heavy duty oven liners. They are Magic, it does what it says on the can! My mother in law wants one now, she can't understand why she has never heard of them before - 15 love.
Julian reviewed Oven Liner heavy duty
These oven liners do what it says on the can. Since putting them in all the ovens, grills, etc the kitchen brigade have less work to do at the end of the shift because all the debris just drops of these magic liners.
Betty reviewed Oven Liner heavy duty
What a bargain price and much better than my old one from LP, I will tell my friends
Tom reviewed Oven liner heavy duty
Thank you it does what it says on the can a first class, cheap oven liner
Jack reviewed BBQ Liner
An Australian friend told me about this company and he knows all about barbes, so I contacted them and purchased a BBQ Liner. Now my wife likes BBQ's because they are clean - result!
Judith reviewed Heavy duty oven liner
I had a new cooker arriving this week so I ordered a heavy duty oven liner and asked for it to be delivered 1st class and you said yes for no extra charge, now that is what I call personal customer service, thank you.
Rose reviewed Oven Liner - heavy duty
I purchased an oven liner from a well known chain of household products shops and it just kept flapping in my fan oven. I told a friend at the WI and she recommended because they were experts, gave great customer service and their heavy duty oven liner was perfect, thank you.
Caroline reviewed Oven Liner
My neighbour told me about your oven liner and any size service and you were even better than I expected, thank you
Pat reviewed Baking Liner
Why bother with greaseproof paper and have to cut it to shape each time when these liner are reuseable and dont stick to the cake at all - magic!
Nic reviewed Oven Liner
Your Heavy Duty oven liners stay put, they are heavy just as you describe, thank you
Nigella reviewed Work and Bake Mat
I use these on all my metal bakeware. I have used them for a year and would not use anything else
Susan reviewed Iron Shield
My son has just joined the Army and his training instructor told him to buy one. So I had to find one and I had never heard of them before. They work so well that I am buying one for myself!
Joanne reviewed Oven Liner
Not only did the oven liner arrive very quickly but it worked perfectly. I baked a fruit pie and the sugary juices dropped on to it and baked black/hard. I just put the oven liner in the sink and the mess just came off without any effort.
I will tell my friends about these oven liners
Babs reviewed Grilling Bags
These Grill Bags have extended the life of my very worn Teflon health grill. Thank you.
Helen reviewed Oven liner
I have a holiday home and neither my cleaner or visitors will clean the oven so I purchased an oven liner and now my cleaner will give it a wipe.
Why didn't I know about these years ago? Thanks
Susan reviewed Oven Liner - heavy duty
I received the oven liner today, and it is quite sturdy and I am sure will do the job well.
My oven has the heat coming from the top and bottom, so I use an old oven shelf to support the liner to prevent direct contact with the floor of the oven. My instruction book warns the customer that the floor of the oven can be damaged if anything is in direct contact with it.
Would it be worthwhile adding this warning to your information sheet?
Thanks for your help.

Sophie reviewed Oven liner heavy duty
Four years ago I purchased a heavy duty oven liner from nonstick and now I am purchasing another because I have a new oven. The old oven liner was still working perfectly but I wanted all new.
Nat reviewed Adjustable Egg Ring
What a great simple idea and they work
Lisa reviewed Frying Pan Liner
I have two very expensive frying pans that I love to use but the Teflon has been scratched over the years so I now use your frying pan liners and everything is great
Colette reviewed Pzza Liner
I have just moved to Italy and seen the condition of the Pizza Pan in the flat that I am renting, so I decided to use one of your liners. My Italian friends have never heard of the idea so they will be ordering from you.
Pete reviewed Oven Mesh Sheet
I have just cooked some Mackeral on my BBQ using your oven mesh sheet. It worked just great, all I did was roll the mackeral over, no sticking, a hassel free BBQ, and no messy rust marks on the wifes lunch.
Russ reviewed Work and Bake Mat
I don't do cooking but I purchased one of these because I make models and these sheets are a great surface on my bench because they don't move and neither paint or glue sticks to it. I wished I had heared about the work and bake mat before.
Jack reviewed Grill Bag
Great tip use a Grill Bag on your BBQ it is so much easier and reusable
Peter reviewed Grilling Bags
These Grilling Bags are perfect if you want to cook either kidneys or liver in a George Forman grill. They keep the grill clean and let you cook the kidney / liver. I was given one by a friend and was so impressed by the results that I immediately purchased a set of bags and a heavy duty oven liner.
Danny reviewed Grill Bags
The good news is I just made some sliced aubergine with spices on in my grill bag without any oil and it was one of the most delicious things I've ever tasted. Tasted as good if not better as if it were fried in oil.
Renee reviewed Oven mesh sheet
Why didn't I know about the oven mesh sheet before? It does what it says on the can but even better than I imagined. I have just used it and the food presentation was fantastic as I didn't have to turn anything over. Oh and by the way it washed as good as new.
Fran reviewed Iron Shield
I just ironed my sons uniform and he said he wanted the Iron Shield to take to work, so now I will have to buy another one from your website.
Veronica reviewed Oven liner 60x40
I have never been able to buy this size oven liner before so thank you for supplying special sizes.
Colette reviewed Baking liner
I purchased some bakeware liner 5 years ago and am still using it, now I want some for my daughter who is starting to cook in her new flat.
Steve reviewed Oven Liner
Thank you for the rapid delivery to Australia now the BBQ will be easier to use.
Peter reviewed Grill Bags
I have just cooked both smoked Salmon and smoked Haddock in these Gilling Bags in my George Foreman Health Grill. They cooked perfectly, but even more important the house did not smell of smoked fish. I have told my family and friends about your great products and customer service.
Anna Marie reviewed Adjustable Egg Ring
They work just as it says on the packet. I used them last night for eggs on a gammon steak and they presented the eggs perfectly.
Duncan reviewed Oven Liner - heavy duty
Our fan oven is has a very fast fan, perhaps a tornado so I wasn't sure if the heavy duty oven liner idea would work. But a friend told me it worked in his fan oven so I gave it a go. Great news it works perfectly. No need to use those terrible oven cleaners again.
Nicky reviewed Microwave Liner
My Mum paid lots more to buy one of these from a High Street shop and your was far better quality and arrived within a couple of days.
Jane reviewed Oven Liner - heavy duty
I purchased a heavy duty oven liner which worked perfectly and now that its BBQ season and I don't like rusty & dirty food I placed it on the BBQ and I have lovely clean tasty food - thank you.
Suzie reviewed Oven Liner
Your Heavy Duty Oven Liners are exactly as you describe, far better than those on the High Street
Patsy reviewed Oven Liner heavy duty
Not only a great product but I phoned them with a query and they give great personal service
Naz reviewed Hob Protectors
No more burnt rice water on my hob, why didn't i know about these years ago?
Helen reviewed Grilling Bags
As my husband says a Grilling Bag does what it says on the can. We have used then in our frying pan, George Foreman, oven, microwave and they work. Better food presentation, less cleaning and much less cooking smells - particularly when my husband cooks smoked fish in them.
Danny reviewed Oven liner 60x40
I couldn't find this size anywhere else before your website. Great description, product, delivery I would recommend to anyone
Les reviewed Baking liner
I saw these being used in a bakery chain and they seemed a great idea, great value for money and we don't use fat now.
Christine reviewed Work and Bake Mat
The teacher at my sugarcraft class told me about these and she said they were the very best for the job, and they are.
Delia reviewed Iron Shield
This has made my iron as good as new and now I can remove the creases
Jack reviewed BBQ Liner
A friend told me about your fantastic BBQ liners so I purchased one from your website for my flat plate BBQ. Now everyone loves my BBQ's because no rust or dirt is on the meal. My neighbour has a dish/wok type BBQ and when he saw it he said where do you get these? So another customer is on their way. Why can't you buy these in the shops?
Tricia reviewed Oven liner heavy duty
Many thanks for your prompt and efficient service. The product is excellent - I am really pleased.
Great price too!

Mario reviewed Frying Pan Liner
My expensive frying pan, £58, was badly scratched so I purchased a frying pan liner from you and now its as good as new!
Christine reviewed Oven Liner - heavy duty
It works, it unbelievable. I have thrown my horrible, expensive, evil smelling oven cleaner away. Thank you

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