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Work & Bake Mats
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Work and bake mat
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Approx. size - 33 x 39cms (13” x 15.4”)
The smooth surface of the work mat / bake mat is 100% non-stick and is therefore ideal for kneading, mixing, preparing and rolling out pastry, pasta, meat products, marzipan, chocolate work, sugar craft, etc.
It’s a trade secret, professional chefs use our work mat / bake mat to present fantastic results.
The work mat / bake mat is the most versatile product in our range.

We are so confident in our products that we offer this 30 Day no quibble Money Back Guarantee, on everything we sell.
No other supplier will give you that assurance!!!

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Is your Breadmaker "Bread Tin" scratched or marked then replace it with one of these and it will be better than new, also cheaper than replacing the "Bread Tin"!

Use this liner when your Breadmaker "Bread Tin" is being used to make cakes, lasts for years, cheaper than parchment paper and you only have to cut it to size once.

All of our products are in stock and dispatched on the same day as payment is received® offer nonstickWork Mats & Bake Mats.

It is the ideal work mat / bake mat with a high-quality nonstick coating on one side and a durable silicone (anti slip) coating on the other.

Versatile, practical and almost wear proof!

Do you have a granite work surface? Are you aware that some granite and rock based worksurfaces become stained by oil, grease, red wine and other cooking ingrediants?
Well the solution to stop your expensive worksurface becoming unsightly and stained is to use our Work & Bake Mat whenever you use a material that might stain your work surface.

The silicon back is flexible and "anti-slip” and ensures that the work mat / bake mat, in a manner of speaking, sticks to the table!

You can put the work mat bake mat directly on your oven plate, it is the perfect anti-burn material. If necessary, they can easily be cut to size with a pair of scissors. Baking paper, butter, oil or fat are superfluous. Furthermore, the work mat / bake mat sits neatly on the baking sheet, even in a hot-air fan oven. The bottom of the oven and the work surface stay clean.

The smooth black non-stick is ideal for kneading, mixing, preparing & rolling out pastry, pasta,, meat products, marzipan, chocalate work, sugar craft, meriangues. Work the mixture without adding flour or oil to the non-stick surface. During the kneading / mixing no residue will stick to the mat and your worktop stays clean.
You can put your work mat directly on your baking sheet, it is the perfect anti-burn film / liner. No need for baking paper. Further more the work & bake mat sits firmly to the baking sheet, even in a fan / hot air oven. Suitable for all types of oven. It can be cut to any shape with scissors. Maximum usable temperature 240 degrees C / 464 degrees F. Do not use in Frying pans. Store roleed or flat.

Versatility of Use
Non stick work mat / bake mat - for kneading, mixing, preparing and rolling out pastry, pasta, meat products, marzipan, chocolate work, etc. Nothing sticks to our work mat / bake mat!

Non stick baking mat - placed on the oven plate to bake biscuits, croissants, bread, meringues, flap jacks, pizza, etc.

Oven & microwave liner - Do not use as an Oven Liner.

- high quality work mat / bake mat with 5 years guarantee
- no need for caustic / dangerous cleaning materials!
- environmentally friendly as no need for harsh cleaners
- versatile : working mat / bake mat
- Non-stick surface on one side
- 100% anti-slip side on the other
- reusable work mat / bake mat 1000's of times
- heat-resistant up to 240°C ( 464° F)
- suitable for all ovens (gas, electric, fan, AGA, hot-air, fan, microwave, grill)
- excellent heat transfer
- easy to clean in soapy water with a sponge, or kitchen paper
- dishwasher safe work mat / bake mat
- complies with Food regulations – Europe standard 45001, U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
- rectangular shape work mat / bake mat
- approx. size - 33 x 39cms (13” x 15.4”) - may differ
- colour – Black work mat / bake mat
- money back guarantee
- Non stick work mat / bake mat
- - Postage & Packing per item UK £1; EEC £1.50; Rest of the World £1
- all liners are posted as rolls, NOT FOLDED like our competitors, to ensure they present correctly
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Made in Europe / EEC, not China
Rolling pin mat
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