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Iron Shield, Iron Shoe, Iron Cover
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Iron shield
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The sole plate of an iron is always the first thing to get scratched and that causes damage to your fine clothes so the Teflon Iron Shield, Iron Shoe, Iron Cover will make your iron like new again and protect your expensive clothes! Some customers call these items Iron Wonder Shield or the Teflon Iron Plate, Iron Shoe, Iron Cover.

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Semelle de fer a repasser, plus de pantalons brillants et brulures.
Strijkijzerzool, gedaan met blinkende broeken en schroeiplekken.
Bugel-schutzsohle, keine glanzenden hosen und versengten stellen mehr.® offers an nonstick Teflon Iron Shield, Iron Shoe, Iron Cover that makes the sole plate of your iron like new again.

Because the iron shield, Iron Shoe, Iron Cover, scorch shield, wonder shield has a non stick Teflon ® surface your iron glides with ease over the most delicate of fabrics - no more shiny trousers, no more singed blouses or scorch marks. The Ironing Shield!

The sole plate of your iron is always spotlessly clean with an ironing shield, wonder shield, scorch shield, Teflon Iron Plate, Teflon Iron Shoe, Teflon Iron Cover!

The Iron Shield, Iron Shoe, Iron Cover, wonder shield, scorch shield is suitable for most irons and can withstand the highest temperatures of most irons. It is heat conducting and is perforated to let the steam through.

28 pre cut steam holes are already made on the iron shield, all over the surface in the standard steam hole pattern. It is very easy to make additional steam holes using a knife after you have fixed the iron shield to the iron. Full instructions in several languages are available on the packet.

Not suitable for irons with docking stations like the Vaporelle.

Reusable on both sides.

- 100% non-stick Teflon surface
- no more shiny or singed clothes
- sole plate always spotlessly clean
- reusable on both sides
- reusable ironing shield 1000's of times
- extends the life of a scratched iron
- suitable for most irons
- you can cut additional steam spray holes
- easy to clean in soapy water with a sponge, or kitchen paper
- size - 25.5 x 15.5cms (10.04” x 6.10”)
- fits in the same way as a standard ironing board cover
- colour – Black ironing shield, Iron Shoe, Iron Cover
- money back guarantee, Iron Shoe, Iron Cover
- Teflon ® branded iron shield
- - Postage & Packing per item UK £1; EEC £1.50; Rest of the World £1
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Made in Europe / EEC, not China
Quick clean
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Iron shield
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