Product details - Bakeware / Cake Tin Liner  Size 33 x 80cms

Bakeware / Cake Tin Liner Size 33 x 80cms
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Baking liner
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Bakeware Liner & Cake Tin Liner Size 33 x 80cms, 13 x 31.5 inches
Its a trade secret, how do professional chefs always turn out perfectly shaped cakes, its magic?
They use our Bakeware & Cake Tin Liners, they are also called reusable baking parchment
We are so confident in our Bakeware Liners & Cake Tin Liners that we offer this 30 Day NO QUIBBLE Money Back Guarantee, on everything we sell.
No other supplier will give you that assurance!!!

You will know that all slimming & diet clubs such as Weight Watchers, Slimmers World, Reveal Diet Club, Rosemary Conley Diet, Thomson Diet Clubs, Lighter Life, Food Focus, Glamour Diets, etc recommend the use of using less fat in your food so our products will assist in reducing your calorie, fat, oil intake and help you and your family lose weight and cholesterol.

Is your Bread Maker "Bread Tin" scratched or marked then replace it with one of these and it will be better than new, also cheaper than replacing the "Bread Tin"!

This Bakeware Liner / Cake Tin Liner should not need replacing for at least 5 years if used in a domestic oven.

Use this reusable Bakeware Liner when your Bread Maker "Bread Tin" is being used to make cakes, lasts for years, cheaper than parchment paper and you only have to cut it to size once.

This cake tin liner / bakeware liner can be cut to a range of sizes to fit most of the bakeware / cake tins in your kitchen.
No need to try and clean your Bakeware, Cake Tin, Bread Tin after cooking a great meal! Just put the cake tin liner / bakeware liner in the dishwasher, or wipe it with some kitchen towel. All those burnt on marks will be a tedious memory of the past, its magic.
Press this red link to see a video demonstration of a Bakeware Liner being used to cook cake, pizza, fruit pie, etc in an Oven without the need for butter / fat on the bakeware. Each item is easy to remove and the food is presented in a professional way.

No need to buy expensive cleaners that dont work, dont scuff and scratch your expensive pans and utensils and make them look second hand; just wipe them with kitchen towel. Nothing sticks to our cake tin liners / bakeware liners, its magic.

We offer a range of 3 sizes that will enable you to line any bakeware / cake tins. We always recommend having them slightly too large as this will produce a lip which will contain the cooking ingredients. The 45 x 50cm (17.7 x 19.7) is a heavy duty liner and would not normally be used for cakes. offer nonstick bakeware liners / cake tin liners that exceed the qualities of baking paper as they are combined with the advantages of non stick. These long lasting reusable baking liners / cake tin liners, with a high quality nonstick surface on both sides, are developed for food applications where a non-stick surface is required.

Just turn the cake tin over and the cake drops out! No need for grease, fat, oil, margarine, butter or flouring because the liners are 100% reusable non stick - nothing will stick to the pie plate, bread form, spring form, cake tin or baking tray.

No need for baking / parchment paper!

Nothing sticks to the baking / cake tin or oven tray!

The cake tin liners / bakeware liners come in different sizes, and can easily be cut to any size or shape with a pair of scissors to fit all tins and trays. Nothing sticks to our cake tin liners / bakeware liners, its magic!

NON STICK BAKING - cut the reusable Baking Liner to size and place on the bottom and around the baking tin walls to bake pastries, biscuits, pie, fruitcakes, etc or placed on the bottom of your baking tray to bake meringues, flapjacks, pizza, oven chips, defrosting, etc.

NON STICK ROASTING & GRILLING - place the Baking Liner on the bottom of roasting tin or grill plate to prepare meat, fish, poultry, etc. The burnt marks will come off instantly with kitchen towel.

OVEN LINER - placed the Bakeware liner on the lowest shelf in the oven to catch spills and greasy deposits.

WORK MAT - The Bakeware Liner is an excellent surface for kneading, mixing, preparing and rolling out pastry, pasta, meat products, marzipan, chocolate work, sugar craft, etc.

- The Bakeware Liner promotes healthy and low calorie cooking
- just turn the tin over and the cake drops out!
- helps to keep your oven clean, saves hard work!
- The Bakeware Liner gives any tray or tin a 100% non-stick surface
- no need for caustic / dangerous cleaning materials!
- reusable cake tin liner / bakeware liner use x000's of times
- replaces 10 rolls of baking paper
- no need for oil, butter, grease, fat or flouring - promoting healthier eating
- can be cut to size with scissors to fit all trays and tins
- versatility of use : baking, roasting, grilling, lining, covering film
- suitable for use in all ovens - gas, electric, AGA, fan, hot-air, microwave
- suitable for all grills, health grill (George Foreman), line party grills, stone grills, raclette set
- heat-resistant up to 260C (500F)
- excellent bakeware liner heat transfer
- ideal to serve delicate dishes (fish, egg sunny side-up, etc.)
- gives baking trays and tins a longer life
- tins and trays stay clean
- easy to clean in soapy water with a sponge, or kitchen paper
- dishwasher safe cake tin liner / bakeware liners
- complies with Food regulations Europe standard 45001, U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
- sizes 33 x 80cm; 13 x 31.5
- colour Black cake tin liners / bakeware liners
- Money back, NO QUIBBLE, guarantee
- Non stick branded cake tin liner / bakeware liner
- - Postage & Packing per item UK 1; EEC 1.50; Rest of the World 1
- all liners are posted as rolls, NOT FOLDED like our competitors, to ensure they present correctly
- check the price in your currency at
With your credit / debit card you can buy using your currency, we show our prices in three currencies US$, UK and Euro, choose yours at the top right corner of the page. You can pay using any currency in the World.
All of our products are in stock and dispatched on the same day as payment is received

Other suppliers offer cheap Chinese oven liners, China has a very poor food adulteration record, dont risk your food with such liners!

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Pie/Flan baking liner
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