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Special size or colour?
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If you need a special size or colour Non Stick Liner then just ask us! Just send us an email with your requirements.

The minimum order quantity is 1 only, i.e. whatever you want!

Our commercial customers have very specific requirements and we are pleased to supply you with specific sheet sizes, colours, thickness, finish, etc from our range of several hundred materials.

You will know that all slimming & diet clubs such as Weight Watchers, Slimmers World, Reveal Diet Club, Rosemary Conley Diet, Thomson Diet Clubs, Lighter Life, Food Focus, Glamour Diets, etc recommend the use of using less fat in your food so our products will assist in reducing your calorie, fat, oil intake and help you and your family lose weight and cholesterol.

Is your Bread Maker "Bread Tin" scratched or marked then replace it with one of these and it will be better than new, also cheaper than replacing the "Bread Tin"!

Use this liner when your Breadmaker "Bread Tin" is being used to make cakes, lasts for years, cheaper than parchment paper and you only have to cut it to size once.

This bakeware liner should not need replacing for at least 5 years if used in a domestic oven.

Please phone or email us with your size, quantity and colour specification and we will give you a price, its as simple as that!

It would also be helpful if you told us what you wanted to do with the product as we have hundreds of different types of liners, each one having a specific purpose.

We want to ensure that you receive the solution that you want.

- Postage & Packing per item UK £1; EEC £1.50; Rest of the World £1

Other suppliers offer cheap Chinese oven liners, China has a very poor food adulteration record, donít risk your food with such liners!

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