Product details - Size 33 x 40cms Oven Liner

Size 33 x 40cms Oven Liner
Price: £3.95
Oven liner
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Oven Liner Size 33 x 40cms; 13 x 15.75 inches
The Oven Liner / Oven Protector is suitable for all ovens, but we recommend our HEAVY DUTY oven liner for fan ovens as this will NOT move in the air flow, its magic!

This oven liner should not need replacing for at least 5 years if used in a domestic oven.

We are so confident in our oven liners that we offer this 30 Day no quibble Money Back Guarantee, on everything we sell.
No other supplier will give you that assurance!!!

Press this red link® to see a video demonstration of a reusable Oven Liner being used to easily keep your oven clean. RESULT= a clean Oven.

No need to put your head in an oven ever again smelling those caustic fumes from oven cleaner chemicals that don’t work very well anyway, they are expensive and pollute the water course! No need to be on your knees ever again, cleaning what is supposed to be a self cleaning oven, its magic!

If you want a special size then just phone or email us, minimum order quantity is 1, whatever you want!® offer non stick Oven Liners that are reusable protection sheets with a non-stick surface on both sides.

Place the oven liner / oven protector /oven sheets /oven mat on the bottom of your oven to protect it against splashes, messy drips, fat, burnt-on sugar, burnt-on juices and burnt-on oven messes, its magic. Nothing will stick to this oven liner, its magic! We recommend that you cut it oversize so as to create a small lip to contain the spilt fluids.
Do not use an oven liner on the floor of your oven if the heating element is under the floor; instead put the oven liner on the bottom removable shelf.
Is your Bread Maker "Bread Tin" scratched or marked then replace it with one of these and it will be better than new, also cheaper than replacing the "Bread Tin"!

NON STICK OVEN LINER- cut the oven liner to size and placed on the bottom of your oven, if your oven has a heating element under the bottom shelf then place the oven liner on the lowest shelf, to protect your oven against splashes, food boiling over, etc.

NON STICK BAKING SHEET - you can bake, warm and defrost food directly on the non-stick liner sheet. You can cut this oven liner sheet and use it as a bakeware liner for any of your cake, bread, pie and other baking tins.

COVERING FILM - to prevent food splashes in the microwave. The reusable Oven Liner is much simpler than cling film to use.

- The oven liner helps to keep your oven clean, saves hard work!
- No need for caustic / dangerous cleaning materials!
- Reusable oven liner X1000's of times
- The oven liner can be cut to size with scissors to fit any oven or bakeware
- VERSATILE use as a REUSABLE oven liner / baking sheet / covering film
- Suitable for all ovens (gas, electric, AGA, hot-air, microwave, grill)
- Heat - resistant up to 260°C (500°F) oven liner
- Excellent heat transfer oven liner
- Easy to clean in soapy water with a sponge, or with kitchen paper
- Dishwasher safe oven liner
- Complies with Food regulations – Europe standard 45001, U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
- Rectangular shape oven liner
- Size - 33 x 40cms; 13 x 15.75”
- Colour – Black oven liner
- Money back, no quibble, guarantee
- non stick oven liner
- - Postage & Packing per item UK £1; EEC £1.50; Rest of the World £1
- all liners are posted as rolls, NOT FOLDED like our competitors, to ensure they present correctly
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Feuille de caisson; Lamina multicoccion; Folha de cozedura

Other suppliers offer cheap Chinese oven liners, China has a very poor food adulteration record, don’t risk your food with such liners!
Oven liner
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