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Pizza Mesh
Price: £1.95

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Size 32 cms, 12.7 inches Diameter Pizza Mesh Sheet - Reusable
Price: £1.95
Pizza Mesh Sheet – 4 x 4 mm, 3/8” mesh holes – Size 32 cms (12.7 inches)

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This Oven Mesh Sheet should not need replacing for at least 5 years if used in a domestic oven.

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This is a heavy duty non stick oven pizza mesh sheet which is made out of long lasting glass fibre mesh/net with several non stick coatings on both sides. It lets the hot oven air cook both sides of your Pizza at the same time so you don’t have a soggy bottom its crisp just like being cooked in a traditional pizza oven, quicker cooking and professional presentation!
You can also cook anything from oven chips to puff pastry on it, the food looks and cooks far better when oven mesh is used.® offer non stick Pizza Mesh that is reusable and avoids soggy pizza, croissants, puff pastry, vol-au-vents, frozen oven chips, French fries, baked potatoes, potato wedges, pastries, pasties, fish, fish fingers, scampi, sausage rolls, quiches, meat, baguettes, bread, biscuits, pies, pannini - reusable both sides with non stick coatings.

Oven cooking will taste and look better with oven mesh.

Place the Pizza Mesh on your oven shelf to allow the hot air to circulate on both sides of your food – great for cooking fish in the oven. Nothing will stick to this oven mesh, its magic!
You can cut it to any size / shape with kitchen scissors.

This oven mesh was invented for use by the food manufacturing industry in their conveyor belt ovens. Now you can have all of the advantages that the professional have in your own oven!

Versatility of Use
Non stick Pizza Mesh Sheet - you can bake, warm and defrost food directly on the non-stick oven mesh sheet. You can cut this oven mesh sheet and use it in the oven, or microwave, or freezer.

Microwave – use it to heat frozen bread, frozen croissants, etc and the bottom will not be soggy as moisture will drop through the mesh and the food will not rest in its own juices – magic!

- Food can be removed from the oven mesh sheet without sticking!
- No need for caustic / dangerous cleaning materials!
- Reusable oven mesh 1000's of times / over many years
- The Pizza Mesh / perforations allow the steam from the food to escape on all sides so that the food is cooked in the same way on all sides!
- Can be cut to size with kitchen scissors to fit any oven, or microwave, or bakeware, or freezer
- Better all round hot air circulation so that you food does not have to be turned!
- Suitable for all ovens (gas, fan, electric, AGA, hot-air, microwave, grill) and freezers
- Heat - resistant up to 260°C (500°F) oven mesh
- Excellent heat transfer Pizza Oven Mesh sheet
- Easy to clean in soapy water with a sponge, or dishwasher
- Dishwasher safe oven mesh sheet
- Complies with Food regulations – Europe standard 45001, U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
- Avoids soggy bottoms!
- Size - 32 cms (12.7 inches)
- Colour – Brown / Gold Pizza Mesh sheet
- Money back guarantee
- Always use plastic or wooden tools, do not expose to naked flames or heating elements
- - Postage & Packing per item UK £1; EEC £1.50; Rest of the World £1
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Never remove the Pizza Mesh from an oven with your bare hands, always use an oven glove!

Made in Europe / EEC, not China

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