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Adjustable Egg Ring x2
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Adjustable Egg Ring – x2 in a pack - reusable
It’s a trade secret. How do professional chefs always turn out perfectly shaped eggs, its magic? They are using “Egg Rings” and now our Teflon® branded “Adjustable Egg Rings” are available for you.
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Anneau a oeuf reglable
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We all find fried eggs both fatty and the residue difficult to clean; now both problems are history. No need to use any fat to cook your fried eggs if you use our “Egg Ring” on a non stick pan and the egg residue just wipes off with kitchen paper, or in a sink of soapy water and its dishwasher proof.
The adjustable non stick Egg Ring is 33 x 3cms (13” x 1.25” inches) and can easily be made into either of two size. We recommend using it on a Teflon non stick pan because then you don’t have to use any fat, etc. ® offer Teflon ® adjustable Egg Rings that are non stick and enable you to present perfect round fried eggs and you don’t have to try and cut them apart from each other when you are cooking more than one!
Just lift the adjustable Egg Ring by its tab to release it after using a spatula to lift it from the pan and you present a perfect round fried egg. No need for grease, fat, oil, margarine, butter because the adjustable Egg Ring is 100% Teflon® non stick - nothing will stick to the adjustable Egg Ring, its magic.
If you wish you can use the adjustable Egg Ring with fat, oil, etc in a frying pan so that you can obtain a perfect round egg. These rings stop fried eggs running into each other when you are cooking more than one at a time.
The adjustable non stick Egg Ring can also be used to make mini pancakes.

No need for grease, fat, oil, margarine, butter!

Nothing sticks to the Teflon® adjustable Egg Ring, its magic!

Versatility of Use
Non stick / no fat fried eggs -the adjustable Egg Rings are stored flat and quickly slot into a ring shape.

Non stick Teflon® adjustable Egg Rings - place on the bottom of a flat non stick frying pan and forget about fat.
TIP – Hold the ring down when you pour the egg into the ring to ensure that it does not move.

- promotes healthy and low calorie cooking because you don’t use fat, grease, oil, margarine, etc
- just lift by the tabs to release the egg!
- fried egg debris easy to remove from the Teflon® non stick surface, saves hard work!
- Oven, pan, microwave and dishwasher safe
- no need for caustic / dangerous cleaning materials!
- reusable for many years
- Food approved
- no need for oil, butter, grease, fat, etc - promoting healthier eating
- suitable for use in all ovens - gas, electric, AGA, fan, hot-air, microwave
- heat-resistant up to 260°C (500°F)
- excellent heat transfer
- easy to clean in soapy water with a sponge, or kitchen paper, dishwasher safe
- complies with Food regulations – Europe standard 45001, U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
- sizes 33 x 3.5cm (13” x 1.25 “)
- colour – Silver
- money back guarantee
- Teflon ® branded non stick reusable adjustable Egg Ring
- - Postage & Packing per item UK £1; EEC £1.50; Rest of the World £1
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Made in Europe/EEC, not China

Anneau a oeuf regiable
Tout est dans l’art de la presentation!
Avec l’Anneau a oeuf reglable, embellissez encore vos preparations d’oeuf et de lard pour le petit dejeuner! Commencez par faire chauffer un peu d’huille dans une poele. Placez ensuite l’anneau a oeuf dans la poele et cassez l’oeuf dans l’anneau. L’anneau a oeuf reglable peut egalement etre utilise pour realisier des crepes miniatures.
Sa surface est realise dans un revetement 100% Teflon® antiadhesif de qualite superieure, de maniere a ce que l’oeuf ne colle pas a l’anneau. L’anneau a oeuf reglable se nettoie aisement a l’eau savonneuse ou au lave-vaiselle. Il convient en outré a une utilisation au four, a la poele et au micro-ondes, et peut etre lave en machine. Il a ete agree en vue d’une utilisation alimentaire et reiste a la chaleur jusqu’a 260 degrees C.
TIP – Utilisez le film antiadhesif Non Stick Kitchen pour poele, de maniere a ne pas devoir utilise d’huille ou de beurre.

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